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The growth environment determines the quality of medicinal materials

Different environment always gives different characteristics to its residents.
The former director of market department in State Drug Administration,Luo Shiwen said in his article「who can help Chinese medicine」”Our implementation of the wrong "modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" has been in line with the international practice for 3 or 4 years.It has accelerated the decline of Chinese medicine.If this situation were to continue for another 5 years, it would be impossible for Chinese medicine to be saved.”.....”The origin of Chinese medicinal materials has been always highly regarded, that’s “genuine”.This is the law that has been explored by practice for five thousand years.A lot of tests show that once the environment is changed, the efficacy is often gone!” “The origin of Chinese medicinal materials has been always highly regarded, that’s “genuine”.” ,which is the emphasis of our article.
With the rapid popularization of Noni products and information, noni brand is also experiencing a diverse developing tendency. However, there are some differences in quality, the businessmen of course promote products on the direction favorable for themselves. But only consumers not familiar with noni products are in a passive position. Something be good, does not mean that all its products are all good. For example, the rice we have eaten for thousands of years is of course the good staple food, but industrial pollution soil will produce heavy metal containing rice, rotten rice can cause fatal microbes. That means rice grown in different environment, also varies greatly in nutrients.

Traditional Chinese medical science will perish in its medicine!!

Zhou Zhongying: Professor at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Professor Zhou asserts: "Traditional Chinese medical science will perish in its medicine."
As a traditional Chinese medicine in the past 5000 years, what's wrong with it? The origin of Chinese medicinal materials has been always highly regarded, that’s “genuine”.Doctor Luo Kangxian explained:”This is the law that has been explored by practice for five thousand years.A lot of tests show that once the environment is changed, the efficacy is often gone.”According to Doctor Luo’s words,”Before the Cultural Revolution,if you want to grow Chinese medicine materials in different places, you must go through three generations, to investigate whether there is efficacy.Plant the second generation with the seed of the first generation, and the seed of the second generation for the third generation, until the efficacy of the three generations is consistent with that of the origin, then the transplantation is allowed.However now,people plant the Chinese medicine materials wherever they like.Inauthentic medicine materials are supplied largely.The fact that excessive pesticides residue in medicine materials is even more shocking.Medicine materials have become agricultural by-products.People plant the ones with higher economic benefit,use the method that can make plants grow the largest and fastest.
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The Cradle of Noni the South Pacific located along the equator line

The ideal range for noni's growing is the South Pacific located along the equator line, from 10 degrees north latitude to 10 degrees south latitude.Indonesia is on both sides of the equator,called【The Emerald on the equator】.It's a paradise for plants,also is the cradle of noni.The yearly average temperature is 30 degrees,humidity is 70%. There the noni trees there are leafy, can bear fruit, blossom whole year, noni fruit is exceptionally juicy, large. It’s no need of fertilization. And because the trees there are over 10 meters high, people can not use pesticides. They are original green wild plants. Other places such as Philippines, Kampuchea, Hainan Island and Taiwan, also have noni trees, but because of the environment and the climate and other conditions, there are great differences in yield and quality. Or because of environment pollution or soil problems, the noni fruit in these places is generally green, small and hard, never can grow healthily.Recently many growers are using hormone, fertilizers, pesticide, making yield increased, and noni fruit large. But this planting method using ecbolic technology itself has many unsafe factors, unable to produce high-quality noni products. This is just like transplanting northeast ginseng into Hainan Island, transplanting Hainan coconut into the northeast.People can never win natural environment which has its own law of growth and reproduction. A statement in “Book of changes” : 「truth」,namely 「let it be」, 「luck」, means「law of nature」.Going against means「evil」! The results from many modern agricultural improved technology are: 「get rid of the good things」, not only break the good ecological environment, but also get rid of the good nature of species.


Comparison of  noni's growing environments