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Noni Origin Distribution

Noni Brand Distribution
22°N -- 台湾诺丽 Taiwan noni
20°N -- 海南诺丽 China Haian noni
15°N -- 越南、柬埔寨诺丽 Vietnam、Cambodia noni
15°N -- 菲律宾诺丽 Philippines noni
0°Equator -- 印度尼西亚诺丽 Indonesia noni
13.5°S -- 萨摩亚诺丽 Samoa noni
17°S -- 斐济诺丽 Fiji noni
17°S -- 大溪地诺丽 Tahiti noni
18°S -- 澳洲诺丽 Australia noni
34°S -- 新西兰诺丽 New Zealand noni

Noni Origin Distribution:
The Cradle of Noni is in the vicinity of the equator.Because of the environment and climate, the farther from the equator, the worse the quality.Noni seed in one well grown fruit is about 70%.The less suitable the growth environment, the less the pulp, the more the seed,the ratio of the seed can reach more than 90%, the pulp is very little. Noni seed is hollow,its skin is very tough, kernel is only a little. Noni has a very strong vitality,can travel around the ocean.The adaptability of noni trees is very strong,they can grow in many different environments.Noni is widely distributed,north to 26.5° N of Okinawa, south to 35° S of New Zealand.It can grow well in shade forests, or in sunny open rocks, or on sandy shores. Noni trees’ demand for the soil is not high,and the salt tolerance is high,can endure high salinity soil.Noni trees have strong drought tolerance, can grow in arid environment or secondary soil, also can grow in rich soil around the volcano area,or poor coastal lava and the bare limestone.Although noni is widely distributed, the qualities are very different.Modern agricultural technology uses chemical fertilizers, hormones and pesticides in great quantities and even can plant anywhere over 15 degrees.In indonesia--the Cradle of Noni, because of climate,soil and environment,noni trees can grow very well without using any modern agricultural technology,and can grow very well even in the residential area.

Comparison of noni’s growing environments

Noni from Indonesia

Indonesia-【The Emerald on the equator】,located in Southeast Asia,acrosses the equator,made up of 13,700 islands between the Pacific and India ocean,of which about 6000 are inhabited.It’s the largest archipelago country in the world and called “Country of thousand islands”.Indonesia is a tropical marine climate,with high temperature,small wind,rainy and moist. The annual average temperature is 30 degrees,differences in temperature during the year are very small, no seasonal variations.Indonesia is a volcano country,with more than 400 volcanoes,in which 100 are active volcanoes.The volcanic ash and the abundant rainfall have made Indonesia one of the most fertile areas in the world.Every island is full of green mountains and rivers,the four seasons are summer,so it is known as 【The Emerald on the equator】. Noni is the native species on this 【The Emerald on the equator】.The temperature, humidity, fertile volcano soil of Indonesia,make noni grow everywhere.It can grow very well even though people do not take care of it specially.Even the noni trees in the residential area can grow very well.The noni trees in S-NONI’s planting bases are more than 20meters high,the length of noni fruit is more than 8cm.The different environments and soils result in the big differences in quality of noni fruit,so the taste of the end products will vary greatly.For example,noni fruit growing by the sea will taste sweet.Noni enzyme made from noni fruit growing in rich humus soil,its PH value can reach 2.8,and tastes sour and mellow,is the best choose to be made into noni products.

Noni Trees from S-NONI Bases

S-NONI’s selected wild planting bases are located in Indonesia,the noni trees are more than 20 meters high,roots go deep into the lower layer of the volcanic soil. Because there are volcano slags,the minerals are mainly allophane, imogolite, hisingerite with aluminum mineral - humus complexes,the surface is of high organic carbon content,the noni trees growing there do not need artificial fertilization.They are growing with weeds,naturally absorbing the essence of heaven and earth to bear golden noni fruit.

S-NONI’s Golden Noni Fruit