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Production Technology determines Quality

Analysis of noni’s production technologyp
The source of noni materials firstly determines the quality of noni products.Acquired efforts can not make up for congenital deficient.Good Noni materials also need to cooperate with the right technology to make good products.Good noni materials can not make good products without good technology.Neither good noni materials,nor good technology,good products certainly can not be made.So when some brands are advertising how many years their products have been brew,do not believe! The reason is very simple, the garbage is still garbage even brew for 100 years.Why Lafite and Kweichow Moutai can be well-known in the world?Why Lafite can not be made in China?Why Kweichow Moutai can not be made in other places except Kweichow?Why the prices of the wine can be from several tens of yuan to  tens of thousands of yuan?The qualities are greatly different with the same technology but the different materials or under different environments.Like Kweichow moutai, must be brewed in the specific environment, which cannot be transferred from Guizhou to Hainan Island! So the years of fermentation mean nothing to the quality of noni products.The more important thing is whether the materials are good?If yes,whether the technology is good?Both the good materials and good technology complement each other,and plus right environment,good products can be made.As above, noni’s quality identification can be proved, but there are a lot of poor noni sold at high prices as high quality noni.Now the price becomes a blind spot of customers.Economically poor consumers will choose cheaper products on the Internet by comparing the prices.Rich consumers think that the more expensive the price is, the better the quality will be. That’s why mixed noni juice of some brand can be sold at 2800 yuan in one bottle of 750ml.Those want to buy noni products generally want health care or to repair sub healthy bodies.So they should be more careful when choosing products.On the premise of safety, avoid buying toxic products containing hormones, fertilizers, heavy metals and pesticide residues, and then consider the effective ingredients of the products.Only by learning how to distinguish the quality of noni products can they choose what’s right for them,avoiding to be bedeceived.

S-NONI Itself Fermentation Technology Patent

Invention Content:
This invention provides a method for [Noni itself fermentation].The whole process is divided into three steps of fermentation without adding other things,keeping the raw ingredients of Noni fruit not destroyed,avoiding the risk of food additives.And it can also make the fermentation adequate,making metabolism of the rich nutrients contained in noni fruits more completely.
The technical solution is as follow:Ripe noni fruit→select→wash→dry→bake→1st step of fermentation→2nd step of fermentation→squeeze→filtrate→raw material of noni enzyme→3rd step of fermentation→sterilize→filling→press the cap→knock bottles down→test→spray→date-printed→labeling→shrink package→packing→check→end products→third party inspection
The invention has at least the following technical effects or advantages:
Add no additives except noni fruit.So it’s 100% pure noni enzyme.
Using the technology of whole fruit fermentation,avoid the pollution caused by beater.Three steps of itself fermentation,avoid the ingredients of noni fruit destroyed by the high temperature in the production process.S-NONI’s pure noni enzyme made from three steps of itself fermentation,has strong antibacterial ability because of its active ingredients.In addition there is no step of [End fermentation] ,so before filling into products,the S-NONI’s noni leaven still maintains a viable state,it can kill most of the harmful bacteria,the autofermentation is continued.It can be stored for a long time in normal temperature,the longer the more mellow.
The sterilization is done by pasteurization with 87 degrees/3 seconds when filling. It can avoid the original ingredients of noni fruit destroyed once again by high temperature and long time sterilization in the filling process.In addition,the original active ingredients and safety of noni enzyme can be retained as much as possible.
The normal sterilization methods of 102~115 degrees/30~50 seconds may already completely kill the active ingredients of noni enzyme.The boiler sterilization also completely destroy the active ingredients of noni with high temperature above 115 degrees.

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