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S-NONI AAA grade noni extract

【SR-NONI noni extract

Product Description:This product is a high concentration of noni extract.The material is from selected non pollution planting bases.It’s made of pure noni enzyme produced with AAA grade golden noni fruit,by the【noni itself fermentation technology】of S-NONI MYBSY GROUP.No any additives except noni fruit(Such as various yeasts, sugars, acetic acid in traditional food fermentation methods).


1.The source of all diseases is blood and gas.If meridian is smooth,all diseases will be gone.If blood is clean,face will be beautiful as jade.There is a saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine:If gas is insufficient,blood will be not smooth,then water does not flow,the toxins will not be got rid of.To dredge meridian is the fundamental function of SR-NONI.It helps the human body functions return to healthy situation.Then under the help of 【pure noni enzyme】, toxins and free radicals can be more fully excreted.Using for a period of time,can repair cells,get rid of extra moisture,turbid gas,chill,waste gas,and open the blood vessels,purify the blood,eliminate toxins,relieve shoulder and neck muscle fatigue,stiffness, pain,and help to resolve the problem of unsmooth blood and gas.
2.Q:Who should be used for dredging meridians?A:Everyone.
3.Q:What problems can arise if meridian is not smooth?A:Since the shoulder and neck are the main switches of the brain,the blood on the head and face passes through the shoulder and neck.Traditional Chinese Medicine said,the best health care method for women is smoothening blood and gas.If blood-gas is not smooth,toxins of blood will accumulate in the shoulder and neck,making the shoulder neck sclerosis.
4.Q:What symptoms will appear if meridian is not smooth?A:The accumulation of toxins will compresse the blood vessels,then the blood can not flow to head and face well.It will cause headache, dizziness,lack of oxygen in the brain,fatigue,poor sleep quality,memory loss,and even facial yellow, dark spots, skin aging, etc.
5.Q:Why are the shoulder and neck the first to grow old?A: Since the body cycle is from top to bottom,when the toxins of human body increase,the first place to accumulate is shoulder- neck.Because the shoulder and neck are the crossroad of the human body,the toxins accumulation will cause the shoulder neck sclerosis, aging.The shoulder and neck barrier will cause undernutrition of the pituitary gland,not good secretion of growth hormone.Especially for women, it will directly lead to endocrine disorders,premature menopause.
6.Q:What is the role of dredging meridian? A:It can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis,relieve rheumatism and cold,dredge meridian,relieve shoulder and neck stiffness,muscle fatigue,scapulohumeral periarthritis and cervical spondylosis.And it can also improve dizziness, headache, lack of oxygen in the brain,poor sleep quality,insomnia,make you refreshed, ruddy.




  • Usage method:
  • Take it once every 2-3 days, one bottle at one time,with no more than 3 bottles a week.It is recommended to take it on an empty stomach, with the best absorption under the tongue.Tips:This product is not suitable for pregnant women, people under 18 years old and someone who has undergone an organ transplant.
  • For the crowd
  • People with unsmooth meridian and blood-gas. /  Specification:20ml/bottle/  10bottles/box  /  Usage method:Take 1 bottle every 2-3 days.