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This product provides large / small export service to the international market


Product and order description

1.S-NONI POVIDONE IODINE is a kind of disinfectant made of noni, has a strong bactericidal antibacterial ability,the most important thing is it can lead to regeneration of damaged tissue cells.
2.S-NONI POVIDONE IODINE is a new type of trauma medication, it not only has the ability to sterilize like iodophor,but also allows the body's own tissue cells to produce anti-virus, self-healing roles.It’s a new product that can replace iodophor.
3.Main ingredients:NONI、POVIDONE IODINE.
4.S-NONI POVIDONE IODINE is an external medicine and is not edible.
5.Packing specification of material:N.W 35kgs/bucket,or according to customer requirements.
6.Trade mode:produce under order,50% deposit.FOB Jakarta.

Product usage

【Function and usage】It’s a powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant, has a strong sterilization effect on virus, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores.This product has little skin irritation, low toxicity, durable ,safe and convenient to use.It basically has no irritation to tissues,used for disinfection of skin and mucous membranes, such as preoperative cleaning, disinfection of surgical site and wound.
【Indications】For purulent dermatitis, fungal infections, small areas of mild burns,also for disinfection of small areas of skin, mucous membrane.
【Pharmacological action】This product is antiseptic, could kill a variety of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi.Its mechanism is:when it contacted with the wound or affected part,it can release the iodine to play a bactericidal action.It has small irritation to tissues,for infection of skin and mucous membrane.(75% medicinal alcohol can disinfect the wound directly,but the pain and damage caused by the stimulation are unbearable,so it can only be used to sterilize bruise.) This product can be used for skin disinfection, trauma, skin and mucous membrane disinfection.