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【buy noni-safety first】
 《S-NONI noni baby NO.1》》》View photos of noni baby》》
   June 2015:
The birth of S-NONI noni baby NO.1 verified the security of S-NONI noni enzyme.(PS:Not all brands of noni products are suitable for pregnant women and infants) The usage method for babies:dilute noni enzyme with warm water of 50℃,the younger the dilution ratio is higher,the dilution ratio is 1 (noni enzyme): 20 (warm water) to 1 (noni enzyme): 8 (warm water).Increase or decrease the amount according to the reaction after taking noni enzyme.
Actual case:
Half a year before conception,the woman began to drink noni enzyme.60ml per time,3 times one day,before breakfast,before dinner,before sleeping.180 ml everyday,no drink any other tocolytic drugs or tonics except noni enzyme.Throughout pregnancy,unlike most pregnant women,the skin did not become very sensitive, rough,did not appear pregnancy problems because of facial pigmentation.No discomfort during pregnancy,and the skin is even better after giving birth. Noni baby’s birth weight was 3250g, icteric index was 6.7(the safety index for jaundice is 14-15).The health condition was very good,with a fair complexion,visually 30 days older than those born at the same time.
One month after birth,if the noni baby has sputum or slightly cold,he will be fed with 10:1 diluted S-NONI noni enzyme.The noni baby likes to drink noni enzyme water very much.He will get a good effect after taking in noni enyzme water for 8 hours.Adding 10:1 diluted noni enzyme into water usually drunk, will give a good protection for the baby. More than one year of experiences and cases,verified the products’ security,that even pregnant women and infants can take S-NONI noni enzyme. S-NONI formed an integrated system for production and marketing,fully mastered the safety from planting bases to fermentation and quality of production,fully ensured the safety of the products.

    The birth of noni baby NO.2 reconfirmed the full benefits of S-NONI products for pregnant women.


       Noni baby NO.3 was born! It not only verified the safety of S-NONI products,also fulfiled Mrs HuiEr’s dream that she wanted the second child to be a boy.

Display of S-NONI bases&patent technology


S-NONI bases-more than 20 meters of wild noni trees

Growing with weeds,no fertilizer, no pesticide,tall noni trees
The roots go deep to the bottom to extract non polluting, natural nutrients and trace elements
The large glistening fruits on tree
S-NONI golden noni fruit as big as 100yuan paper money
Rich in natural nutrients and trace elements of underground twenty meters

S-NONI patent technology-Noni itself fermentation technology
International KAN test report
Sanitary Certificate