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【Noni Color】is the real noni soap

Material:Noni fruit from Indonesia

Noni is the most popular natural health product in Europe and America.It has various of functions,rapid effects,non-toxic and side effects,can be made into health-care food, cosmetics and skin care products, etc.,and can be used for oral administration and external use.S-NONI noni soap with pure plant is made from Indonesia’s wild planted noni fruit.Its main material is noni seed extract.Noni seed contains precious noni oil,which has antimicrobial effect,functions of moisturizing the skin and activating the epidermis cells,suitable for all kinds of skin.Application scope:washing face, bath and oily hair shampoo.Executive Standard:QB/T2485-2000

With precious Noni seed oil

1.Selected noni seed:rich in precious noni seed oil
2.Noni enzyme extract:contains specially extracted noni enzyme extract
3.Palm oil/coconut oil: with cooking oil imported from Indonesia as material


Tool to overcome acne.Killer of mites.

S-NONI noni soap,a good helper to remove facial mites thoroughly. After washing face with S-NONI noni soap,mite tester can not detect mites.Suitable for people suffering from persistent facial acne,will gradually eliminate stubborn acne after using 4-7days.
First,strong sterilization:the body part cleaned with this noni soap will not be detected mites by mite tester.
Second,beauty effect:long-term using on face will lead effects of natural whitening,removing spots and brightening skin.
Third,application scope:washing face, bath and oily hair shampoo.

Use the S-noni soap 15 days, solve the skin for a long time


Usage methods:
First、washing face:
Take it on your hands and rub until foaming,then move to face.Use a soft towel and gently rub the face skin ,the effect will be better.
Second、bath: Rub with a bath towel until foaming,move to the body,then rinse with water.Dry and not sticky after bath.
  This product is rich in organic matter,non general synthetic chemicals,so the soap body surface may produce white spots, this is a normal phenomenon of natural organic soap,is also the biggest difference between synthetic soap and natural organic soap.

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