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【classic】S-NONI noni juice

Only sold by HYM Body Care Institution

Material:Semi fermented noni fruit imported from Indonesia
Ingredient:noni enzyme,noni puree,blueberry puree from northeast China,grape puree
Product features:no preservatives, no flavors, no chemical additives
※Use special high-pressure techniques without adding thickening agents.
Product characteristics:
【S-NONI noni juice】is made from Indonesia noni fruit.Indonesia is a paradise for plants,where S-NONI has its selected planting bases.The base soil is composed of the volcanic ash,is very fertile,non use chemical fertilizers and pesticides,under wild planting management,has ensured the safety of noni raw materials. Indonesia-【The Emerald on the equator】,located in Southeast Asia,acrosses the equator,made up of 13,700 islands between the Pacific and India ocean,of which about 6000 are inhabited.It’s the largest archipelago country in the world and called “Country of thousand islands”. Indonesia is a tropical marine climate,with high temperature,small wind,rainy and moist. The annual average temperature is 30 degrees,differences in temperature during the year are very small, no seasonal variations.
Indonesia is a volcano country,with more than 400 volcanoes,in which 100 are active volcanoes.The volcanic ash and the abundant rainfall have made Indonesia one of the most fertile areas in the world.Every island is full of green mountains and rivers,the four seasons are summer,so it is known as 【The Emerald on the equator】.
Noni is the native species on this 【The Emerald on the equator】.The temperature, humidity, fertile volcano soil of Indonesia,make noni grow everywhere.It can grow very well even though people do not take care of it specially.Even the noni trees in the residential area can grow very well.The noni trees in S-NONI’s planting bases are more than 20meters high,the length of noni fruit is more than 8cm.The different environments and soils result in the big differences in quality of noni fruit,so the taste of the end products will vary greatly.For example,noni fruit growing by the sea will taste sweet.Noni enzyme made from noni fruit growing in rich humus soil,its PH value can reach 2.8,and tastes sour and mellow,is the best choose to be made into noni products.



  • *Usage method for weight-loss:
  • Take 30 to 50ml 1 hour before breakfast with empty stomach,diluted with warm water or mineral water and then drink a cup of warm water.Dinner replacement is better.
  • Effect:detoxify,purify the blood,activate the body's immune system,adjust the lean physique.
    *Usage method for general health care
    1.Half an hour before meal with empty stomach, drink a cup of warm water before taking.It’s best to take a small amount with a few times.Let Noni stay in the mouth under the tongue the longer effect the better.
    2. Three times a day, morning,evening ,and before bedtime, each time 30 to 60 ml; Increase or decrease the amount according to your personal situation.
    Two ways of the noni amount
    1.People those worry about improving reaction too strong, can take"from little to much", namely the first month every time 20- 30 ml, three times a day, the second month every time 30-50 ml, the third month every time 60 ml or above, the fourth month later return to normal amount.
    2. People those can withstand improving reaction ,can take"from much to little", namely the first three months every time 60- 90 ml, three times a day.The fourth month later 30-60ml per day.
    *The relationship between amount,time and effect:
    In addition to the product quality,usage method,time and amount also affect the effect:
    1. The amount should be enough: whatever amount from much to less or from less to much, to achieve a certain effect, must take enough amount.Amount is much,then effect will be good.
    2. Time should be enough: everyday keep stable dosage is the best way, adhere to drink every day and every meal.Do not take it intermittently. Disease is slowly forming,the role of noni on human body also needs time.So don't expect in a short time to repair lesions accumulated during a long period.
    3. The relationship between time and amount:when the dosage is low, the effect is slow, the dosage is enough, the effect is quick.
    1.Don't drink a swallow, let noni stay in mouth the longer the better,because the absorption effect of sublingual method and oral mucosa is the best (Avoid tooth ache.Don't touch the teeth)
    2.S-NONI noni juice contains organic blueberry puree and imported grape puree.The production process is rigorous, no chemical food additives and preservatives.
    3.People who use noni enzyme,if feel the taste is too acid,can adjust with this noni juice,the general rate of 1:1,or increase and decrease ratio depending on the preferences.
    4.In addition to noni juice as a health care,we should develop good healthy habits, not overeating, and less salt, less oil, temperance.
    5.Generally after taking 1-2 weeks,there will be improving reactions.Different symptoms have different reactions,the physical differences also produce varied degrees of reactions.If appear any reaction in the description,please do not worry,this is the phenomenon of taking noni juice.
    ※For different situations, please consult the weight-loss consultant.