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【S-NONI Core Value】

Company Morality:Don't produce what you don't dare to eat.
Company Conscience:Insist on the quality.Only produce the best products.Quality speaks for itself.:
When many noni peers are trying to expand the market rapidly through reducing costs,improving profits,S-NONI is working hard on improving the quality,reducing profits to make the products better use and affordable for customers.Quality speaks for itself:the customers that once used S-NONI products,will not go to choose other brands.

Company Philosophy:good heart,good will,good deed,good return
Idea affects behavior,behavior affects result.S-NONI has kindness and good will,does good deeds,with「Morality&Integrity」as the root of development,「Conscience」as the fundamental of production.We believe:Don't be evil.If the punishment is not forthcoming, it is because the time has not arrived yet.Company values:Help people regain their health.The happiest thing:believe S-NONI to regain health.The sadest thing:Not believe S-NONI then died!believe S-NONI to regain health.The sadest thing:Not believe S-NONI then died! Brand core value:Return to nature. Health without burden, beauty without risk.

Company technology: Return to nature.Contrary to the current food technology of addition,we use the brewing and production technology of the most primitive, single, totally no addition to ensure the basic safety of products

Company characteristic:Go our own way and do the right thing.Noni food products:People seeking health have no burden.Noni beauty products:People seeking beauty have no risk.

Cooperation Philosophy:Partnership agency mode,which takes risks and profits together.The growth of all things lies in harmonious coexistence,mutual support can make each other grow together.
S-NONI uses the principle of「Feel for others」to guide the business development,uses the mode of empathy to guide our partners,uses the mode of 「Benefit symbiosis, risk sharing」to develop together.S-NONI’s wish is to help more people through continuously developed partnership agents.Strongly grow with the efforts of partnership agents,and share the good returns of hard work with all the friends.Welcome those with 「kindness,good will,good deed」to join S-NONI’s rank of「Kind-hearted quality will go further」.To help people less pain,more health,so as to make the brand to stand in the ranks of international brands as soon as possible and go further.

S-NONI Itself Fermentation Technology Patent

Invention Content:
This invention provides a method for [Noni itself fermentation].The whole process is divided into three steps of fermentation without adding other things,keeping the raw ingredients of Noni fruit not destroyed,avoiding the risk of food additives.And it can also make the fermentation adequate,making metabolism of the rich nutrients contained in noni fruits more completely.
The technical solution is as follow:Ripe noni fruit→select→wash—dry→bake→the whole fruit into the bucket→1st step of fermentation→2nd step of fermentation,squeeze→filtrate→raw material of noni enzyme→3rd step of fermentation→sterilize→filling→press the cap→knock bottles down→test→spray→date-printed→labeling→shrink package→packing→check→end products→third party inspection
The invention has at least the following technical effects or advantages:
Add no additives except noni fruit.So it’s 100% pure noni enzyme.
Using the technology of whole fruit fermentation,avoid the pollution caused by beater.Three steps of itself fermentation,avoid the ingredients of noni fruit destroyed by the high temperature in the production process.S-NONI’s pure noni enzyme made from three steps of itself fermentation,has strong antibacterial ability because of its active ingredients.In addition there is no step of [End fermentation] ,so before filling into products,the S-NONI’s noni leaven still maintains a viable state,it can kill most of the harmful bacteria,the autofermentation is continued.It can be stored for a long time in normal temperature,the longer the more mellow.
The sterilization is done by pasteurization with 87 degrees/3 seconds when filling. It can avoid the original ingredients of noni fruit destroyed once again by high temperature and long time sterilization in the filling process.In addition,the original active ingredients and safety of noni enzyme can be retained as much as possible.
The normal sterilization methods of 102~115 degrees/30~50 seconds may already completely kill the active ingredients of noni enzyme.The boiler sterilization also completely destroy the active ingredients of noni with high temperature above 115 degrees.

The other brands of fermentation method